*Clams with cream

*Clams with cream

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  • **500g clams
  • **1 shallot
  • **10cl single cre am
  • **10cl wine vinegar
  • **1 lemon
  • **butter
  • **2 tbsp chopped parsley
  • **Pepper
  • **Salt


**Soak the clams in a large volume of water for 2 hours. Change the water 2 or 3 times.

**Rinse and drain the clams. Cook them on high heat in your TEFAL saucepan until they open up. Leave them in a colander but keep the cooking water.

**In your TEFAL saucepan, after the Thermo-Signal has become red, melt a knob of butter and brown the chopped shallot. Deglaze with the wine vinegar until almost completely evaporated.

**Deglazing is to pour a little water, or another liquid, at the bottom of your pan still hot where you just cooked an ingredient. It is a way to transform cooking juices into a flavorsome sauce.

**Pour the filtered cooking juice from the clams. As soon as it boils, turn the heat down and add the cream. Thicken for a few minutes and filter.

**Pour it a second time in the saucepan, add a little salt and pepper, and a tablespoon of chopped parsley. Leave it to simmer on low heat.

**Place your calms on your serving dish. Pour the sauce on them and mix well. Chop a little bit of parsley on the top.