ACCESS STEAM DR8085E1  My Everyday Partner

Remove most creases from your daily outfit easily and in no time

Access'Steam Handheld Steamer delivers exceptional speed and convenience, putting garment steaming at your fingertips without the need of an ironing board. This handheld steamer quickly and efficiently removes wrinkles from a wide variety of fabrics, with enhanced features ideal for daily use.

A new way of steaming in the palm of your hand

For everyday garment steaming solutions, look no further than the palm of your hand. Tefal's Handheld Steamer puts convenience and fast results at your fingertips, delivering wrinkle and crease removal for a wide variety of fabrics. This time-saving handheld steamer produces presentable clothing through an easy process that eliminates the need of an ironing board, for great efficiency. 
  • Features such as a start-up time of only 45 seconds.
  • A removable 200 ml tank, strong steam output that sanitizes and refreshes as it steams.
  • Lock position for continuous steam.
  • On/off indicator and more are ideal for garment care on a daily basis.
  • Quick and efficient garment steaming has never been easier.





  • A new way for taking care of your clothes

    No need to bother taking out your ironing board any longer, a simple hanger is all that's needed to remove wrinkles easily.

  • Time-saving benefits

    Ready to use in 45 seconds, no time wasted in your day

  • Refreshes & sanitizes 

    The great diffusion of steam through the fibers allows for refreshing, sanitizing and removing odors from all kinds of fabrics

  • Easy refilling

    Removable water tank of 200 ml for easy filling that offers up to 10 minutes autonomy, perfect for daily usage

  • Door hook integrated

    Comes with a door hook to easily hang clothes behind a door and steam against a flat surface

  • Suitable for all kinds of garments

    Safe to use on all kinds of garments, even the most delicate, such as silk

  • Easy to use

    Comfortable and easy to use thanks to: 3-meter cord length, lock position for continuous steam, easy access on / off button with light indicator, fabric brush: opens weaves of the fabrics for better steam penetration, perfect on thick fabrics, steam bonnet: provides even distribution of steam, filters water impurities and protects fabrics from water drips. Can be stored easily anywhere thanks to the robust standing base and integrated counter rest


  • Door Hook integrated 

    Comes with a door hook to easily hang clothes behind a door and steam against a flat surface

Steam head Metal  
Water tank Removable  
Autonomy 10 min  min
On/Off switch Hand operated  
Steam ready indicator    
Power cord storage Velcro  
Door hook    
Colours Deep Dive Blue / White  

Instructions & Manual